About Diversi-Tee

Each one of us is different, that is our gift to the world.

Diversi-Tee is about celebrating those things that make us different and we sell a range of products (ever growing) to help in that celebration.

Founded in 2023 by Rev Simo, he started by designing some T’shirts that helped to celebrate his Christian Faith, this soon expanded to include elements of his neurodiversity i.e. his dyslexia (and probable although yet officially undiagnosed ADHD). All these things have helped him to become the person he is today and that is something to be celebrated.

We will be adding more designs in more areas over time and are also looking at how we can support other artists by potentially selling their products also.

We hope you like the designs and can join us on our journey and if there are ideas or products you would like to see on the site why not drop us an email via the contact for here.

Rev Simo

Rev Simo is an ordained Anglican Minister (Vicar), he is also a storyteller, circus performer and illusionist.

You can find out more about his other work by visiting our parent site Not Ashamed.

Sun shining over the Cornish coast (can’t remember exactly where).
Image © Rev Simo 2017

Ethics & Environment

At Diversi-Tee we want to be doing our bit for the world around us. We have worked to make sure our base material manufacturers and our suppliers are both looking after the people involved in all stages of bringing our products to reality and the impact this is having on the environment.

We also use POD (Print on demand) production, while this means things take a little bit longer to get to you, it means we are not storing lots of stock and there is no wastage from unsold item.